Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kissing cousins!

The Kienbusch family is very interesting with the age span of children. The grandchildren span from age 31 years to 8 mos (Liam is the youngest). This picture shows Olivia, daughter of Shannon the oldest grandchild, next to Liam the youngest grandchild. They are only one month apart but Olivia's older. Liam wasn't too impressed with her wanting to kiss him all the time.

We joke that the great-grandchildren are older than the grandchild! In fact Bill's parents told us that Shannon was expecting and so they would have two great-grandchildren. Bill said, "You'll have 15 grandchildren soon."

"No, you're confused. Olivia's our great-granddaughter."

"Well Wendy's pregnant so you'll have 15 granchildren."

Boy were they surprised. It's the first time I saw Bill's dad speechless!

It's great though to see all the generations at family gatherings. It's amazing that Bill's parents are both only children and yet they have so many decendents now. What a wonderful legacy they leave.

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RandJ said...

Hey Wendy! Did you men that you're pregnant again? Right now? Wooo-hooo!