Monday, January 28, 2008

Chuckie can stop giving now.

I broke down and took Austin and Liam to the doctor today. They tested positive for influenza. Not much you can do with that information except watch and pray. Austin seems to be doing better. The doc put him on Tamiflu and he already seems better. He's just very tired and very congested.

Liam was doing better but then he took a turn for the worse yesterday and is very tired, congested. The good news is his apetite is up and the steam baths seem to be helping his congestion. He's coughing more now so I hope that's a good sign that his body is trying to rid itself of all the gunk. I spent $2 a box on puffs with vicks medicine on it and boy do those work. Liam's mucous dries up for a while afterwards. They are my new best friend...besides Lysol.

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mary said...


Hope you are still getting better, the flu is a bummer. We don't do the CC thing anymore either, not worth it. In fact, we don't do any indoor stuff this time of yr. We did get to the outdoor park on Sunday it was in the 50's, but now back to the teens with 30 mph wind. yuk. Mary