Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grateful it wasn't worse

One of my biggest fears is actually having to do the heimlich maneuver on someone. Unfortunately I had to face that one today. Liam was sitting next to me on the floor when I heard a noise. Keep in mind that he's a noisy kid but it was one of those things that I knew something was wrong. I looked down and there he was not breathing trying to get something out of his throat. I didn't think I just grabbed him, threw him over my legs and started pounding on his back. He then started crying so hard that I thought it was still there. I realized that he was crying and was okay and I looked on the floor and saw a 1/2 inch piece of lego on the floor by my feet so I guess that's what he was choking on. I was shaking for about two hours afterwards. I was also close to banning legos from our house forever.

I decided to set up this plastic playpen that Melanie gave me up and that is a lego free zone. Austin has to play with them across the room from this area. Actually Liam loved it. It's very colorful with lots of mirrors and things to look at. He was happy for the rest of the day.

When I was whining to God about my morning He reminded me that I should be grateful that He had kept Liam safe. Yes, good point. Thank you Lord.

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