Sunday, January 20, 2008


Okay, the reason I like number five is that I'm going to have five children as of September! Ahh! I'm so excited. Taylor of course is hoping for a girl but that's out of my control. We are so grateful that God blessed us with another child so soon.

I told Bill by saying, "Guess what I found out about Liam today?"

"What," he asked.

"I found out that he's going to be a big brother."

It took a minute to register but then his eyes got wide with surprise and he said, "OOOHHHHH!"

I'm sure we're in for a round of "Are you crazy?" and "Don't you know what causes that?" but I don't care. Bill and I view children as blessings and rewards now so any He sends our way will be cherished.

My other children are so excited. Taylor was happy to be able to tell her grandparents the news. She felt so grown up. She's already busy picking out names. Bill's suggested Ayatollah, or Jezebel. Nice try! He's such a stinker with names.

I guess we'll be pouring over the baby name book again. Unfortunately my two favorite girl names were stolen by Shannon! Boo! Now it's back to the drawing board.

My due date is Sept. 27th. I'm officially through my first trimester March 15th. Yeah! That's definitely not my favorite trimester (other than the day you find out and tell people.)

Thank you to those of you who've already called to congratulate us! It's so appreciated.


Dana & Ryan said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to meet the next little Kienbusch!

Kim said...

How about "Kim?" I hear it goes well with a boy or a girl? Grin. I'm sooooo happy for you guys. I love how you told Bill; what a fun idea!

debwolf said...

YEAH!!! I am just thrilled for you! What a wonderful blessing from the Lord!