Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fourth Grade Basketball

Basketball is an awesome sport. I used to coach it when I was a teacher. Before that I had never seen a game. When Austin decided to play I was thrilled. He plays for the Salvation Army and really likes it. Since it's a homeschool team, most of the players haven't ever played before. They tend to be too nice too. Many of them watch the ball go down the court as it's being stolen by the other team.

It's been fun to watch them grow as a team. John is their coach and is very encouraging to all the boys and plays them all evenly, regardless of ability. Austin was all over them today defensively and he took the initiative to get the ball a few times. His teammates Jordan and Noah are getting very aggressive and would not give up the ball today. Caleb, a new player, actually scored a three point shot. The final score was 7-20 but the good news is that the other team had to fight for every point. They are really starting to gel as a team and running plays. It's my hope that some day they'll take these lessons with them for their lives: teamwork, perseverence, focus, and hard work.

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