Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cookie mishaps.

Every year me and the kids make cookies and deliver them to the neighborohood. Since I've been so busy this year with various things I didn't pay attention to which ingredients I needed. No problem, I improvise right? Austin picked a cookie that needed 2.25 cups of chopped pecans. We had 1.5 cups so we chopped peanuts instead. But then it called for 3 tbsps of vanilla....oops. We don't have that much either so I subsituted orange extract. I also think there was creative measuring on Austin's part...I'm not sure. It turned into some kind of nut soup. I thought maybe it would bake into something that would rise even though it didn't call for a leavening agent...hmmm.

Dylan's called for 16 sqares of bakers chocolate squares. We didn't have any so I found a substitution on the internet that called for 3 tbsp of cocoa and 1 tbsp of butter per square. When we stirred the mixture it had the consistency of very dense bread. I added applesauce for more liquid. Bill said I should add more sugar but I didn't. Dylan put in 1 cup rather than .5 cups of flour.

Taylor spilled lots of vanilla into her hershey kiss cookies. She was reading the recipe and tilted the bottle.

Meanwhile I was holding a baby that was done sitting.

Austin's cookies turned into a very flat, nutty pancake that completely stuck to the pan and had to be chisled out of the baking sheet. Dylans turned into semi-sweet puffy cookies that had too much cocoa powder and not enough sweetness. Taylors melted around the baking racks and the kisses dissolved on top.

We repaired it by dipping the cocoa puffs into frosting and sprinkling green sugar crystals on it. Austin's nutty surprise turned into a family only cookie. It tasted good but Martha Stewart would have been mortified. Taylor's were good too but some didn't look very nice.

All in all we had a great time, made a huge mess and hopefully some good memories too. Liam got to sample too which was his favorite part.

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Dana & Ryan said...

mishaps always turn into the funniest stories. that's the story of our lives!