Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bucket List

Dana and I have been thinking of things to do before we die and here's my list:
1. Learn 7 languages ( Spanish, Farsi, Japanese,Italian, Russian, Gaelic, and French)
2. Have 7 children (I don't know why I have that number in my head...we'll see.)
3. Visit the following countries: Mexico, Scotland, Switzerland, Russia, Kenya, Afghanistan, China, India, Italy, and Costa Rica.
4. See the Grand CAnyon and Mount Rushmore.
5. Go to a B and B in Vermont for a romantic getaway with Bill.
6. Learn to Rock CLimb.
7. Get through War and Peace.
8. Finish my book.
9. Write a children's book about a disabled cow and not have it depress little children.
10. Go on a Thelma and Louise adventure with Dana, only without the suicide and bankrobbing parts
11. Fit into a size 8 again.
12. Join a crew team.
13. Own a quilting shop.
14. Take a knitting class so I actually know what I'm doing.
15. Talk to Oprah about book in #8.
16. Have Julia Roberts play me in the movie adaptation of book in #8.
17. Babysit all my grandkids and take them to DisneyLand.
18. Get cross country skis and use them frequently.
19. Go on a cruise to someplace warm and not get food poisoning while on said ship.
20. See all of my muslim friend know Jesus!

1 comment:

Dana & Ryan said...

How bout our thelma and louise adventure being to afghanistan then we eliminate two things on your list at the same time?! And while we are there we might as well learn Farsi, learn to knit awesome booties, learn to rock climb, and visit lots of other families with 7 children without having to do all the hard work. Hmmm...

If you meet Oprah, I'm coming along. Just don't embellish your memoir otherwise I'll pretend I don't know you. That one guy got lots of crap for embellishing. I'm sure his friends did too.

Oh, and I get to go to Disneyland too.

I will, however, let you and Bill have your own trip together. My only interference will be me waving as I dogsled by! :)

Okay, and an observation when comparing our lists. You are ambitious. I am lazy. Your list requires things out of you, like your brain or parenting. My list requires freefalling from thousands of feet while enjoying the ride and having hairs burned off of my body via lasers so I don't have to shave anymore.