Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bathtime fun

It's hard to believe this was once a failure to thrive baby! He's now pushing over 22 lbs. I've had to move him to a different carseat as the infant one no longer fits him or is safe. He wants so desperately to move around but hasn't figured out how to move his body to go. It's so cute to watch him rake at a toy and he just can't figure out why it won't cooperate.

He's such a good baby too. We went to a refugee house after dinner and he just smiled and charmed the Afghans we were visiting. He went all around today to physical education class for his siblings and the grocery store. He's used to go, go, go.

This is his favorite time when we're in the bathtub. He loves to feel the warm water and splash around. Sometimes he bends to get a good toe sucking in! Now he is trying to roll out of his infant tub into the big tub I have. Uh, oh! Now I have to be really careful! Head bonkings are just around the corner. Why do they have to grow up and get boo boos?

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Dana & Ryan said...

What a cute big boy!