Saturday, December 26, 2009

Extreme Makeover

One of the many nice things about having a daughter is that she likes to do hair and makeup. When she first started she was about Liam's age. She would roll my hair around a hairbrush to use as a curler and then she would get it stuck. Bill tried pouring olive oil on my hair to get it unstuck but it didn't work so I had to cut chunks out of it. I was leery of her trying after that.

She's improved a bit since then. She loves to straighten my hair and I love it when she does because it's so smooth. I never want to wash it afterwords. We had fun taking these before and after photos because my curly brown hair scares her. I think she will make a great beautician if that's what she decides to do. Otherwise I can just enjoy good hair for a few more years before she moves out.


K. Evans said...

Hi Wendy,
Hope your family had a Merry Chrismas! Taylor did a great job with your hair. Take care, your cousin, Milaine

Anonymous said...

hey nice blog keep it up

Cody M said...

you look ten times better!!! congrats!

Melanie Wilson said...

Love this post!