Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Halloween Fun....a little

Yes, I know it's almost Christmas time and I'm just getting the Halloween pictures up but I'm behind. This Halloween Austin and Taylor invited friends with us. Dylan sewed his own costume, complete with chest muscles! Liam was of course Spider man but without the mask as it scared him. Gavoo was warm in his Elmo costume. This year was a little different in that we started out as a family but we let the kids go on by themselves. The boys were out late and then spent the rest of the night trading candy with each other. The girls were cold and Taylor's friend was "bored" . Oh how times change quickly. Liam was just fascinated by the fact that he could go up to the door and say, "Trick or Treat" and people would give him candy. He got over his shyness right away!

I know some Christians don't celebrate Halloween and that's fine. We view it as a chance to visit with neighbors and dress up in cool costumes. We've talked with the kids about the origins of Halloween and what it means. We don't glorify the macabre or the death and violence that seems to permeate the day but instead look on it as a family activity with sweet treats.

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