Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party Animal Liam

Liam had his first birthday party to go to a couple of weeks ago and he was so excited. He got to even skip a nap to go to it. We went to the store to pick out a present for his little friend Nick. He proudly picked out a remote controlled truck and a Spongebob gift bag to put it in and then he carried it all the way through the store. When the cashier greeted him he proceeded to tell her all about the party he was going to and how he was going to give Nick his present, eat cake and see balloons. He was also going to play with Layna (Elaina). She listened wide eyed to his story and sent him on his way.

The party was fun. There were many children to play with, chocolate cake with blue balloons on it to eat, and many toys to play with. The topper was the spiderman car he got as a party favor. Do my friends know Liam or what? He just loves Spiderman.

I forgot how much fun this stage is when they experience new things for the first time. I hope to have many more such days of this.

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