Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Things for sale!!!!!!!!!

Quilted Pillows $10 each.
Here are some doll clothes that I still have for sale. The shirts, pants, shoes, shorts, backpack, and hats are all $5 each. The fancy dresses are $20 each. The leotard is $10. The tablecloth is $15. The quilted pillows are $10 each. I can ship what you want to you at a flat rate for $4.95. Please email me at to let me know what you want and to get your address. Local pickup is free of course. I can take paypal or a check but have to wait for the check to clear before shipping the items. Thanks for looking.

If you are leery of ordering from my blog through email I would be happy to list the item on etsy. The link is I have the purple dress, Christmas dress and the hat and muffs there already. That way you could pay with a credit card too. Just email me the item you want listed. If you buy multiple items you only pay one shipping charge, the other items are free.

Hats $5
Table cloth $15
Sunflower hat $5

Christmas hat, shoes and dress $25

Blue satin and lace dress $20
Two piece blue satin top and yellow skirt $20
brown jumper and peach shirt $15
Apron hat set $15
Two piece colonial dress $20

Red calico shirt $5

BLue skorts $5Striped pants $5
Plaid skirt and shoes $10

Fall dress $20

Pink satin dress, white lace and ballet slippers $25
Pink hat $5
Red/silver sleeveless dress $15
Cardigan, skirt and shoes $15, hat and muff $5

Red silver dress and jacket $20

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