Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skin color says it all...or does it?

This is a picture of my dad and my brother Brett. It was many, many years ago that this picture was taken. What's funny is that my dad sent this to Austin via email and Austin said, "Nice picture, you guys look like a couple of Mexicans." I thought this was so funny because everyone in our family gets dark but I've never thought to call us Mexicans before. My dad was miffed (only a little) so I thought I'd post a picture of Austin.

As you can see Austin kind of looks like a Mexican in this picture. He gets rather dark. It's especially noticable against little Liam. I'm sure if my dad looks through his photos he can find one of me looking like I stepped off the boat too. All of this is in good fun, we're actually decendants of Germans, Scotts, Italians, and who knows what.


Jim Rooks said...

Also English and Scottish, Dadgummit! Love, Dad

Wendy said...

I said scottish! DUhheee!