Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adventures in cloth diapering and going green

Taylor announced to me that I should go green a few months ago. Apparently one of her best friends is some peta-loving tree hugger. I normally would roll my eyes but then I thought that perhaps I should try to do better about conserving energy. I'm their role model and our waste makes us distasteful to many countries in the world. Plus our first forced recycling program that was dumped on us helped to push us into greenland. It's voluntary but you pay for it whether you use it or not. It's only increased our bill by $20. So much for voluntary. After I got over my rebellious attitude I decided that yes, it was a good thing.

Now I'm trying to save money and the thought of two in diapers was reminiscent of when Austin and Dylan were young and we were so poor after paying for formula and diapers. SSSSSSSSSOOOOO, I decided to go cloth! It's a big investment at first but the savings will be in the hundreds of dollars. So far it's going well. Liam doesn't seem to notice and they aren't much more work....unless there's poo. Let me tell you, that kid goes 3 times a day with cloth versus 1 time with disposables. Perhaps he's testing my resolve, but I'm a very determined woman. Of course the instructions say to scrape the clumps in the toilet and then you're good to go. That would be nice except that Liam has the gooiest poo ever. There's no scraping! Anyway, I decided that the diaper sprayer/personal bidet system was a must so a friend is selling me one of hers. Bill just laughed and said he couldn't believe I was doing all of this. I just close my eyes and say, "I'm saving money, I'm saving money, I'm helping the environment!" I then researched and found out I could use my seamstress skills to make some of my own. That is actually exciting as I love to sew and learn how to make new things. Taylor marveled at my resolve and said, "Hey Mom, You're going green!" Well okay then.

Now I'm researching buying an outdoor drying rack for my cloth diapers to cut down on my energy costs (not that with the weather here I'll be able to use it much but hey, I'm trying). I also am making cloth napkins out of scrap fabrics (much more convenient now that I have my new dream serger!!!!! Did you know you can make your own menstrual products too? I won't go into details as my dad might read this and reminisce about "Modess...because" ads.

Anyway, my friend Dana said, "Hey, you remind me of those quiverfull people that make their own potholders. They are so wierd, I think you're getting there."

Guess what I did today? I made a potholder! I guess I am truly over the edge. But hey, according to others on the internet....I'm not alone. Come over to the dark side energy consumers!


Dana & Ryan said...

It's have crossed over. Entering cookoo land. Expect more weird looks.

CJ said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with Dana on this one. Even mentioning the fact that you can make your own menstrual products makes you certifiable. LOL At least your kids will train earlier now! Nevermind the fact that the increased energy expended to wash cloth diapers offsets the disposables (ducking).

Lesley said...

Taylor is a very smart girl :) Joe and I are going green too, we've already discussed using cloth when we decide to have kiddos. Kim said all the kids trained faster with cloth so there's two reasons to do it! I'll have to come over for diaper making lessons when the time comes, and for now I'll leave my menstrual products to Always :)

Wendy said...

CJ: I'm still saving money with cloth diapers versus disposibles. Plus, you aren't leaving it in a landfill to decompose over 500 years. Yes, I do use a little more water now but line dry so not much energy used but way more benefits.

Wendy said...

BTW: I haven't made my own menstrual products, only considering it. But all of your reactions to this post have been fun to read.