Friday, May 9, 2008

Me and my pregnant glow

Okay I just had to post this picture. I love this shirt that I bought a while back but I didn't pay attention to the label. The hanger said large but the shirt is only a medium. I just love it though so it's probably the last time I can wear it since I'm popping out in expontential proportions! I'm officially halfway through the pregnancy and can feel the baby more and more. In case you don't know we're having a boy. Taylor's handling it well, especially since she wants a sister. They all adore her so what's one more boy to her? I told her to hope they marry cool women so that she can have sisters that way if nothing else. The baby looks healthy and the pregnancy is progressing well so I'm happy. I get very tired at night but that's to be expected. God is very good to bless again with another little man. I"ll look forward to meeting him in the fall.


Jim Rooks said...

Our God is AWESOME!! Thank him for messengers like John Piper who preach the real Gospel. (My daughter is pretty awesome herself). Wendy's Dad

Dana & Ryan said...

Cute pic and cute shirt!