Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Healing Promises review

I was sent this copy of book two of the Defender of Hope series by Amy Wallace via Multnomah Press called Healing Promises. It's a good book in the sense that you can read it by itself and it makes sense even though it's a part of a series. You will also like it if you are a fan of Karen Kingsbury. It is a christian fiction book about an FBI agent, CLint who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and his wife is a leading oncologist. Overall I liked the book. It kept my attention and their problems were real.
What I didn't like about the book is that it was neatly packaged. While the characers do the wrong things it's almost too quickly resolved which I find unrealistic. Plus the characters always have these amazing parents who are there for them as long as they need, pray for them, and never say unkind things to their kids. This is really unrealistic in light of today's fractured famililes. But maybe everyone needs a break from reality and would like a bit of nostalgic Leave it to Beaver type family.
Like I said, I liked it overall. I would like to see the author move towards more character development and less plot based drama, but that's just me.

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Jim Rooks said...

Stage IV Cancer is very hard to overcome. Dad