Tuesday, March 3, 2009

During a particularly tiring moment I sighed and looked upwards. THere was blueberry smoothie on the ceiling that "someone" had done but "no one" copped to it. I laughed. My kitchen ceilings are 15 feet high so really that took a lot of talent.

Apparently Bill had seen it too but didn't say anything. The next day we were at Costco and the kids asked to get frozen berries. They pulled the bag out of the store's freezer and Bill sighed, "Ahhh, spackle for the ceiling!" I was laughing so hard. I'm glad he has a sense of humor about our house.

I know one day the kids will be gone and my house will be in order but way too quiet. By that time I will have to make bionic smoothies for myself. I'm glad for my messes for they mean my house is full, if I laugh then maybe that will teach them to laugh at themselves too.

In the meantime does anyone know how to get marionberry stains out of white ceilings?

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ELyse said...

Oh, Wendy, you made me laugh! Thanks for the reminder to laugh in the midst of the noise and the messes. You've added some sunshine to my day :) And, sorry Taylor's not well - sounds like she has what's been going around our family. I'll pray for you!