Friday, February 27, 2009

Refinancing woes.

Well, Bill and I refinanced our house today with the lower interest rates. We were excited to see our mortgage payment go down by as much as $100 a month. Yeah! Imagine our shock as it only went down by $20. Huh? It turns out that our pmi insurance more than doubled. Why? Do you ask? Well because the rates went up since so many are defaulting on their loans. Oh, I see. So some people default and we, who have great credit and have never missed a payment are being punished. It's so infuriating to me. This bailout angers me to begin with as people were stupid and greedy in their spending (REpublicans and Democrats alike) and our children and grandchildren are going to pay for it. When does it end?

My dad reminded me that we at least have our health and can eat. That's so true.

Thank you, though, I shall have no tea! Leave socialism to England!

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