Sunday, February 8, 2009

My little guy!

Entering toddlerhood the second time around is so much more fun! Especially since it's Liam. He really is such a joyous child. He loves to pray and read books about Jesus. He's helpful and cleans up after himself (something his older siblings have a hard time with). He's trying to go potty and counts to ten! He loves t.v. (a personal favorite of his dad's). He runs around and makes goofy faces for us all to laugh at, including Gavin. I love that he's taking the role of big brother seriously and puts Gavin's binky in and turns on toys for him. He's still having problems sharing (don't we all). I truly marvel at the fact that if Bill hadn't had the surgery he and his brother Gavin wouldn't be here. What a loss that would have been to our family. I hope the rest of our relatives will see it that way some day too. In the meantime we have a constant source of bubbly entertainment!

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Melanie Wilson said...

You forgot to mention the shirt! Without Liam, who would I have given Nick's clothes to? This way I get to enjoy them all over again.