Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am loving having an almost teen in the house. Here's a picture of her new highlights. We did it from a box. It was my first attempt at highlighting hair. Apparently I didn't miss a calling being a hairstylist! She's happy with it.

I had a cool experience with Taylor this week. I have been finding that I am nagging the kids a lot with putting things away. The piles everywhere on every surface area of the house are driving me crazy but I also hate that I'm nagging. I never wanted to be that kind of mom. Anyway, when I'm prayed about it I felt the Lord tell me to humble myself before the kids and ask them. So at the table one day I apologized for being so nagging and negative (I use sarcasm a lot) and asked them for a solution to the junk everywhere. Taylor suggested that everyone pick up five things before each meal. Everyone quickly agreed and that's what we've been doing ever since. It was so easy and such a helpful idea. She also kept me from wandering around the parking lot today and pointed me to where the van was. It's great having someone looking out for us! Taylor's growing into a beautiful girl. I'm proud to be her mom.

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