Sunday, March 8, 2009

Charity in all things.

I'm not good at everything. Yes, I know that's a shock to It's just something that hit me today. I beat myself up because my house is messy and the kids bicker and I think, "What's wrong with my mothering that I can't handle all of this?" I want the house to be picked up and for the children to skip around saying, "Yes, mother, how may we help you?" I know this is unrealistic but for seome reason I can't let go of this idea. It really slammed me between the eyes today that I'm not good at everything. I do some things well with the kids and for the kids. I am a good wife in some areas but not others. I really need to extend grace to myself for the areas I'm weak in and pray for the ability to extend grace to others. Thank the Lord that He doesn't expect me to be perfect so by all means I shouldn't expect it from myself or others.

ON another note, I pretty much think this daylight savings time is designed to torture parents. Just when you get a routine they throw this at you and bam, you have a week of gettting things back on track. I'm so tired today. We just didn't get to church, Taylor's still sick, and Gavin threw up all night due to some new formula I tried. Oy! I"m hoping tomorrow brings better things.

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