Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An outfit for Lily.

Here's a picture of my very cute niece. She's wearing a dress that I made on my new brother serger. I also followed a technique that Nancy Zieman had in her serger techniques book. It was to use two different threads and alternate the direction you sew the rows. Then you take a regular machine and sew the rows together and apart alternately. After that piece is done then you cut out your pattern piece out and sew it to the dress. I also used my ruffler foot for the ruffle at the bottom and did a rolled hem at the bottom. It was a really fun project and I put it together rather quickly.

Happy Birthday Lily!

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Dana & Ryan said...

the frilly part looks SOOO complicated...like it took a really long time to make! I don't even think you can buy dress up clothes anymore with stitchings like that! I am sure Lily will have fun with it!