Thursday, February 7, 2008

Learning to let go.

This is a picture of Taylor at our local homeschooling spelling bee. Now Taylor has a lot of talents but spelling isn't one of them, in fact it's one of her biggest weaknesses. But you know what? She volunteers to study and register for the bee anyway. I really admire the fact that she's willing to get up in front of all those people by herself and try as hard as she can.

She also told me today that she's not going to listen to Fergie anymore. She doesn't feel that it's appropriate to listen to. I love that she came to this conclusion on her own rather than have me come down on her about it. It's a sign that she's exhibiting self-control on her own and trying to honor the Lord with her life. As I struggle to let go and let her take more control of herself, it's refreshing to see the young lady she's becoming.

I asked her if she had the choice between the hard working poor guy or the rich guy she said she'd definitely pick the hard working guy. Good girl!


Dana & Ryan said...

"it's refreshing to see the young lady she's becoming"- I agree! Way to go Taylor! Way to go God! Way to go Mom! All three factors have significantly impacted who she is becoming.

Taylor said...