Friday, February 1, 2008

Mad Money!

My dad and Penny like to do unexpected surprises sometimes. Today they sent me a card with some mad money in it. It was a congratulations card for the new baby. I was so surprised. They told me to treat myself with it. What will I do with it? Buy maternity clothes? Knit something for the baby? Buy fabric and sew something? The possibilities are endless.

I've had so many people congratulate me lately that it's been very encouraging. I look at all my children as blessings and they couldn't be more excited about upcoming events. What I love too is that they're really pulling together as a family over this. When I get negative comments they just shake their heads in sadness and don't understand why anyone could be upset about a baby. I just hold them close and love them more as our family expands.

Thanks Dad and Penny. It's nice to feel supported.

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