Saturday, May 9, 2009

A funny thing happened at the picnic.

Bill's work had a family picnic complete with rides, inflatables, and carnival games. It was amazing. Liam spent most of his time in this bouncy inflatable or drinking juice boxes. Taylor, Austin, and Dylan climbed the rock climbing wall, rode a mechanical bull, slid down a 20ft slide and played a lot of games.

Taylor begged me to go on this inflatable obstacle course with her. She said that there would only be two people at a time so we could race each other. Okay, I can do that. Ready, set, go... and off I went. Most of it was too low so I was crawling through it. I got to a hump that was about 3 ft high. When I shimmed up the inflatable bar was too low and I got stuck. I was still struggling to squeeze through when I felt these little hands on my butt. I turned around and there were two little tykes there smiling at me. I still couldn't get through so they decided to crawl over me. I was laughing hard at this time so I really couldn't get through. They came around again and this time they pushed on my butt hard enough to send me flying down to the bottom. I was laying on the floor with my head but my legs were stuck up in the air. At this point my kids and Bill were all wondering where I was. I emerged sweaty, hair all wild, and laughing hysterically.

"Want to do it again?" Taylor asked.

"Ah, no!" I laughed.

The day ended well and we went home tired but refreshed. The little guys were really well behaved all things considering. We left with a family picture a bag of goodies and sleepy kids. A day well spent I think.

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