Thursday, May 21, 2009

Evolution of a marriage

When Bill and I were first married what we quarreled about most was food. He grew up on Ding dongs and Velveeta was it's own food group apparently. He has very sensitive taste buds. Veggies are really awful to him and fruit is okay. He lives on Diet Soda too! Anyway, I love to cook and make fancy food...not a good match with Bill. The only fish he eats is square and he only goes to restaurants with ketchup on the table. There were times that he would take one bite of something and throw the rest of it away in the trash....not very sensitive to his new bride. I would get angry and continue to make yucky food to "change" him.

We finally compromised and said that he would eat veggies, brown rice and other things as a good example to the kids but he needed to make the plate himself. If there was something he really didn't care for he would say, "Thank you for making dinner." so that at least he was acknowledging my efforts in making the food but it was code for, "Don't make that again."

Yesterday I was making a BBQ chicken pot pie which is normally quite good. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to what I was doing and added 1/4 cup vanilla instead of apple cider vinegar to it. I thought I could cover up the vanilla by adding the vinegar and other things to it. When the kids came upstairs they asked me if I'd made brownies. Not a good sign.

When Bill was about to take a bite he started inspecting what was on his fork and smelling it. Another bad sign. He gave me "the look". This means, "What on earth have you done to my dinner?" I started laughing and explained the gaffe. He jumped up and got some spicy salsa and then sat back down. He took another bite but just shook his head. I can chuckle now at my husband's sense of taste and don't take offense at it like I used to. After all, love is not easily offended. Besides he does many other wonderful things for me and the kids that I can only shake my head in amusement about his food issues.

I'm glad that God has taken us this far and we can still have a tranquil marriage. When I apologized later for ruining his dinner he said, "That's okay, we have another memory. Now I don't just have banana meatloaf, I now have vanilla chicken!"

What a guy!


Melanie Wilson said...

Vanilla chicken! LOL! Great post.

razinkids said...

Love it! :)

Qtpies7 said...

I am so blessed because Donnie will eat ANYTHING. LOL I can't think of anything that I have made that he has refused. There have been things I didn't SERVE, lol, like they caught on fire in the oven and had to be thrown outside for our safety, ahem, but other than that, he is a good eater. I am the picky one.
It is really nice having things to look back at and laugh about. We call it bonding.