Thursday, April 16, 2009

Isn't he so smart?

Dylan got new glasses last week and boy have they helped. The doctor said that he had an overfocusing problem. I noticed that he was holding books far away and his eyes would water when he'd read. Between getting glasses and a new reading program he's well on his way to being an independent reader, something very important in life.

Today we went to the orthodontist to get a retainer for his teeth. He hated the molding but didn't fuss or freak out. I'm hoping for a big toothy grin from him someday.

It's great to see him grow and develop into a young man. He's so good with Gavin and plays with him constantly. As incentive to help around the house I told them they could earn an hour of wii playing in the afternoon if they volunteered to help. It's amazing how willing he is now to take the kids to play outside or to hold Gavin when I'm working out! Hey it works! Unfortunately it only goes so far...I still have to change the poopy diapers!

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