Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goofy kids

I have been trying for days to upload a funny video of the kids dancing with sunglasses but google won't let me. Here's a pic of GAvin doing the funky chicken. It's really funny. The other two are of Dylan and Liam wearing embroidery projects that I did. I bought an embroidery machine and have been having fun with it making things for the kids. I plan to do a lot with it this summer before BAby Wyatt comes. I have been really having to go to the LOrd a lot these days with anxiety and it helps not only to pray but to have healthy things to focus on like making cute things for the kids. I have several projects on tap for me this week, a couple of maternity shirts, pajamas, and a nursing gown before I have some jobs coming in. I'm grateful to have work but it's nice to have a break now to get things in order at home.

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