Monday, October 29, 2007

My darlings

I'm so amazed at this last year and how my family has grown. We've added a new little one named Liam. The others are growing so fast too. Right now I'm just trying to keep my sanity as their excitement over getting candy for Halloween grows. AS you can see they enjoy dressing up their little brother, Halloween or not! I just marvel at how much Liam has bonded the kids to him and to each other. I have truly realized what blessings they all are and how much work the Lord does in me with each of them. Right now I just shake my head and laugh at all the craziness right now.
Austin's journal said, "I hate noise." Too bad for him! It's always noisy here! Adapt young man for your own sanity.

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RandJ said...

How big Liam is! I remember when he was precious Kathryn's size!
I'm glad you have a blog, Wendy! Love ya!